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We Think

Yes, We Dare to think about you and your business. We do all sorts of Hardware and Sofware desiging works with proper examination and testing. We always think to give you more than you want or even more than you ever think. We practice to make new things out of the box.

We Feel

Its quite interesting that with every project we feel it as our own product and with emotions and love we design to be loved by our clients.

We Do

What we do? If this is your question, then come and visit us. We do not hide anything from you, we are most transparent company that shares every accomplishments and every problems. Involve us in your project to get a big outcome.

Our Services

Embedded System
We provide Embedded System services, such as design, manufacture of embedded system products. We also produce PCB boards for client who would like to locally manufacture PCB
Web Development
Choose from our wide range of web-language to built your website. we offer great deal for every technology. From PHP,Python,Node js .Just wish and we will design from Heart.
Mobile App Design
To get in touch with new generation with new technology, thinking about Mobile App. Give us an opportunity to show our ability to make your business at the fingertip of every Mobile user with Windows, Android and iOS apps.
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Welcome to Samtech Electronics, We wish you a pleasant experience

17th July 2017

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8th August 2017

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13th October 2017

Our Training Packages

Embedded Systems

Basic Electronics Unavailable

Introduction to Arduino Unavailable

Introduction to Microcontrollers Unavailable

Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers Unavailable

web Application Development

Introduction to Html and Css Unavailable

Introduction to Javascript and jquery Unavailable

Introduction to php Unavailable

Introduction to Laravel Unavailable

Introduction to React Unavailable

Mobile App development

Mobile App Development with React Native Unavailable


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Latest from the Blog

Semiconductor Diodes


There are two types of semiconductor components in electronic and electrical circuits. They are active and passive components. Diodes are the foremost active components and resistors are the foremost passive components in electronic design circuits. Diodes are essentially unidirectional devices having exponential relationship for the current-voltage characteristics are made from semiconductor materials.

What is a Resistor?

What is Resistor?

Resistor is a basic component that is used in all the electronic circuits. It is a passive element that resists the flow of electrons. Thus it allows only certain amount of current to pass through it. The remaining current is converted into heat. The working principle of bulb is that electricity is passed through the filament usually tungsten, which is a resistor. The energy is converted to and released as light and heat.

Introduction to Capacitor

What is Capacitor?

Capacitor is also known as condenser. This is one of the passive components like resistor. Capacitor is generally used to store the charge. In capacitor the charge is stored in the form of “electrical field”. Capacitors play a major role in many electrical and electronic circuits.

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Fotek Solid State Relay 40A




Terminal Block


20KΩ resistor

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